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ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

Model: AC30
SKU: 1315334
UPC: 793573800695
Stay connected when you're on the go with this mobile hotspot that provides a Wi-Fi connection for up to 5 devices and supports 2-way text messaging for convenient communication.
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Customer Reviews for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)
Review 1 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

easy to work

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Delene
from Sweet Home, OR
on 09/04/2011
What's great about it: it was free and got $100 off our laptop
What's not so great: nothing
This works great where ever we go to use it, haven't had any problems with it at all.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 2 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

Not impressed

Customer Rating
2.0 out of 5
Posted by: mj9949
from spring, tx
on 08/21/2011
What's great about it: take your lap top anywhere
What's not so great: signal strenght
Works every time once you know the "secret" to get it going. Sad part is that I never get past having a 2 BAR signal strenght. Sure woud like it get it up to a 4 bar signal strength.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Review 3 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

Fabulous upgrade from dial-up service

Customer Rating
4.0 out of 5
Posted by: GRTJWM
from Buchanan, VA
on 08/10/2011
What's great about it: Convenience & Speed
What's not so great: Every now and then we lose our signal and have to reboot.
We did not have high-speed internet at home, and my husband, son and I dreaded using the computer at home for school and work. With the Five Spot everything seems to work much more smoothly, and it is very convenient. We can also use three different computers on the one Five Spot, which allows all of us to be productive. We're happy we made this purchase. Now we don't care as much about waiting for high-speed service to come to our rural area.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 4 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

Verizon Wireless ZTE Five Spot (Model: AC30)

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: infotechbiz
from St. Louis MO
on 05/29/2011
What's great about it: Connects every time.
What's not so great: Short battery life. Only lasts for 3 - 4 hours, then you have to recharge. I feel that the $35/month fee is expensive.
The Verizon Wireless ZTE AC30 Five Spot works great while on the go with my iPad and laptop. It took me awhile to figure out how to get it activated on my desktop computer. Once it was installed and activated, it has worked every time. I have not connected with more than one device, but it's supposed to work with up to 5 devices. I'm not sure how fast the connection time will be will 5 people connected at once. I've seen some complaints by other users about having problems turning it on and off. You have to hold the button down for about 5-10 seconds to turn it on and probably 10-20 seconds to turn it off. I believe the instructions explain this. I assume this is so you don't accidentally turn it on or off while it's in your pocket. My only complaint is that this device only lasts for about 3 - 4 hours, then you have to recharge. Once ZTE comes out with a newer and better model, I will ask Verizon for an upgrade.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 5 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

Great mobile device

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Jason092176
from Orland Park, IL
on 01/10/2011
What's great about it: I love the pricing tiers of this service, and the ability to change your plans online if needed.
What's not so great: Compatability issues with Toshiba Laptops, not a broadband issue really, just have to update the drivers on the Toshiba
I have had my five spot for a couple of months now, with no issues, I have been very pleased with the speed and coverage of the device and have even set my parents up with one who live in the country and only had dial up available. For those looking for a supplemental internet service for outside the home, this device is great, however as a mobile associate I would recommend looking into Best Buy Mobiles "walk out working" solution, for the device for it may be difficult for some to set up at first. I cant speak for all the Best Buy stores out there, but the stores I have visited the broadband setup seems to be staying at 9.99 and I have not heard any complaints thus far on the price. I would however have to say before getting a mobile internet service to be sure to check the coverage area with a mobile associate first, to ensure you get the right broadband solution for your area I hope this review helps out.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 6 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

This is fantastic. Who needs DSL?

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: SeniorGeek1945
from Callao, VA
on 01/09/2011
What's great about it: Speed, speed, speed and ease of use.
What's not so great: Nothing so far.
Have had my 5 Spot since Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more pleased. I use it with my laptop and my 5-year old desktop PC. Had to get a WIFI adapter for the desktop but it all came together without a hitch. The signal covers upstairs and downstairs of our old farmhouse. Having given up on dial up internet, I had a Sierra Wireless air card for two years and it was OK but it can't hold a candle to the 5 Spot. This is the fastest internet service I've ever had except at work where we have our own servers. If you're still waiting for DSL in your area and have a good wireless signal, go with a 5 Spot.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 7 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

doesn't work

Customer Rating
1.0 out of 5
Posted by: fivespotuser
from iowa
on 12/27/2010
What's great about it: nothing so far
What's not so great: doesn't do what is says it does
purchased this item and since that time have had nothing but headaches. doesn't connect to devices. Most of the time you have to connect via the usb connection. Until Verizon fixes these problems I would look to another provider that has a reliable device.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Orland Park, IL
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For those who had trouble with five spot
The device works flawlessly for my self and my parents. I personally have not had any issues with getting it to work as a mobile associate I know we started seeing a few issues customers were having getting it set up properly, which is why once we started to offer our Geek Squad service to set it up, or our Mobile team to set it up the customer disappoints went from a hand ful to zero. The service for GeekSquad or Best Buy Mobile setup is only 9.99 and I personally have not had any customers object to having us or Geek Squad do the setup. I do have fairly extensive pc background so I was comfortable setting up my parents and my own device, but I will say this if you have a new or somewhat new Toshiba laptop, they can be tricky due to the Toshiba Realtec wireless drivers need to be updated, but hardware and software aspects of this device are extremely sound I hope this helps you out.
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Review 8 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

Great wi-fi hotpot!

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Macsimo
from Florida
on 12/09/2010
What's great about it: Price, free with two year contract.
What's not so great: Use up the GB's fast with five users!
The Verizon Five Spot does what it is designed to do. It connects to Verizon with no problems and stays connected. It is portable and will run several hours before it needs to be recharged. Obviously more people sharing the connection uses the power more rapidly.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 9 for ZTE - Five Spot (Verizon Wireless)

amaizing technology

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: broadbandknowitall1
from miami fl
on 11/13/2010
What's great about it: portability
What's not so great: i cant get off the internet
this device is changing the way we conntect to the connected world. I recently went to the West Kendall store and got the most up to date informaiton from a Best Buy Mobile employee regarding broadband service. She explained all the solutions for my need. I signed up for the verizon wireless 5 spot and am now able to connect to the internew from any where nation wide and globally.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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