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Best Buy Ratings and Reviews

Customer Reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Model: SCHI800BKV
SKU: 1411045
UPC: 635753487619
Do more while on the move with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Experience PC-like Web browsing and enjoy all forms of multimedia content on the perfectly sized 7-inch display including Adobe Flash. Continuously communicate via e-mail, voice and video call with the dual cameras, and through social networks with the optimized user interface. Works with a Wi-Fi connection and the Verizon Wireless 3G network. First month activation is required. $199.99 with 2 Year activation on a 3GB Tablet Plan or higher$299.99 with 2 Year 1GB activation$429.99 with month-to-month activation - minimum 1 month activation required
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Customer Reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)
Review 1 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Great little tablet

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: sjheitmeyer
on 07/17/2011
I love this tablet. It's just the right size to carry around in my purse. I can do everything on it that I do on my home computer.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 2 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet King

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Traskular
from Owings Mills, MD
on 05/19/2011
What's great about it: Battery, Coolness Factor, Cute
What's not so great: Typical Android Software Crashes
This Tablet is one little powerhouse of function and form-factor. It's a cute little device that fits in your pocket, but can dock up with the keyboard to have much of the functionality of a laptop, but without the downfalls of battery life, and even the device heating up. Try typing on a laptop in your bed, you will be roasting, and your laptop will be fried soon enough. For web application, email, light games, and other similar processes, this tablet is essential for anyone looking to optimize their life!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 3 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Great tablet and ereader combined!

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Infobabe
on 05/17/2011
This tablet has far exceeded my expectations. It's a wonderful little laptop. Sooo fast. Also, a perfect comfortable ereader. My favorite toy!!
I would recommend this to a friend!
9out of 12found this review helpful.
Review 4 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Outstanding device...

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Jose757
from Virginia Beach, VA
on 04/06/2011
What's great about it: Size, Screen and Versatility
What's not so great: cant charge on the pc or with New Trent imp1000, unless its off
first ill start by saying that this tablet does pretty much anything, for those who think that this is suppose to be a computer i say go buy a laptop. for those who think that this is a phone i say get a job and buy a phone its a tablet people. to start off i am not rooted but have customize my tablet with ADW Launcher to change some things comes in handy. even though this is not a phone there is an app on the market called TIKL which is a push to talk program, but both you and the person you want to talk to must have the app as well. there are many tablets out there but this one to me is just perfect size, portability and battery life is great for me. it fits well for my college in which im taking Mobile Development. i recommend this to anyone. i also recommend getting a screen protector because if not your screen will have alot of finger prints due to the screens material. so go out get this tab and enjoy it...
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 5 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)


Customer Rating
3.0 out of 5
Posted by: bienaime
from wichita, KS
on 04/01/2011
What's great about it: supports flash player
What's not so great: not user-friendly..
hmm. without activation with Versizon, it's worse than iPod touch... cannot even compare with my iPhone 4..
Planning to get Xoom wifi on Playbook soon..
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Review 6 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Love it

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Olds71442
on 03/19/2011
Very great tablet! It does everything you could want and more. Dont worry about e readers when you have a customizable tablet able to that and more. I am even using mine to write this review!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 7 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Better than expected

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: mesae
from Edmond, OK
on 03/10/2011
What's great about it: It just works
What's not so great: Bunch of new tabs coming out. Had to pick one or wait. I don't regret it though.
I bought this primarily for work, to carry around my large work reference library when I travel (frequently), and as an e-book reader. My work computer is locked down and I can't install anthing (like iTunes) on it, so since I have a desire to sync many hundreds of files, which change frequently, the iPad 2 was disqualified. I plug the Tab into any computer, turn on USB, and it shows up like a flash drive, so I can quickly transfer and sync all the files I need as frequently as I wish. I use Allway Sync n Go to greatly speed this process - it works perfectly. It's readable, even wearing dark glasses in clear direct sunlight, though it does wash out slightly under those conditions. It seems tough, light, easy to carry (I use a Zagg screen protector and a flip case), and the battery lasts all day easily no matter how heavily I use it. I use mine WiFi only so far, though I may eventually activate the data.
Reading my work documents (and not having to carry around tons of books), and the Nook app alone justify the price for me. Email, web browsing, and the few games I play are icing. The display is clear and higher resolution than some lower priced tablets available right now, and the Youtube experience is remarkable for what it is. It's size means I don't think twice about picking it up and using it, like I think I would with an iPad. For my purposes, it is superior to an iPad.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 8 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Perfect eBoyok Reader Alternative

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: renegrub
from Charlotte, NC
on 02/28/2011
What's great about it: Size, Capabilities, eBook replacement
What's not so great: Can't be upgraded, newer models constantly arriving
The 7" screen form-factor is really perfect for one-handed use. I have a larger tablet, but find myself hesitant to grab it in many circumstances. The Galaxy Tab immediately replaced my existing eBook reader and gives me access to email, web, apps, etc.
1) Great screen
2) Excellent form factor
3) Good battery life
4) Access to many great apps (WSJ, New York Times, Kindle, etc)
5) Mobile broadband access when needed
6) Can be used as a mobile hotspot
1) A little thicker that other devices
2) Not 4G upgradeable
3) Not a high-resolution screen
4) Occasionally a little sluggish
5) Many new devices coming out this year
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 9 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Superior alternative to ipad.

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Crossedwires
on 02/13/2011
Looking for a ebook reader and owning an android phone it was only natural to go to an android tablet. The Samung Galaxy has surpassed all my expectations. Its ease of use is only topped by its power and flexibility. Costing the same as the low end ipad, it out powers it in too many ways to list here. This tablet is worth penny they ask for it!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 10 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Great Tab, Competes with the IPad

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Kevin18
from Woodstown, NJ
on 02/07/2011
What's great about it: Screen, response, android market, cameras.
What's not so great: nothing
I've had the Galaxy Tab for about 3 weeks now. I'm a musician and i'm always at shows. I always carry this thing with me so i can constantly be networking while i'm gone. Also alot of my shows are far away, so it makes the ride go much quicker. Although a little pricey, you do get great quality from this tab. Its very responsive, i have had no problems in that area. Also i've had amazing success with the battery, no lies, i got 153 hours out of it, yes 153, that was after youtube streaming, High graphic games, web surfing and radio playing. The key is to not baby your tablet. I do what i call "training" your battery. DONT PLUG IT IN WHENEVER YOUR AROUND YOUR CHARGER, LET IT DRAIN. You'll see a huge difference in battery life. My friend has the IPad, it easily compares to it. The cameras are remarkable, They have low numbers as far as pixels, but i have found it to look more like a 8 mp instead of a 1.3 or 3.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 11 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

better than the ipad and all e readers

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Lovemytab
on 02/02/2011
I went to best buy to purchase the ipad... After comparing the two ..... The galaxy came out on top. First , the galaxy is the perfect size.. Large enough to use but smalll enough to hold in one hand and fit into most bags.the ipad seemed downright bulky. The fact that it has a front and back camera for video chat , has flash player, and all of the apps are more great reasons to purchase. There are all kinds of ebook apps and lots of free ebooks can be downloaded as well.The swype technology made me feel like I was really high tech, but what really made me happy was the fact that I dropped it the second day I had it and it didnt so much as put a scratch on it. It seems very tough, fast, and the camera takes excellent pics.i coukd name a million other reasons why you should buy it buttrust me, its awesome.
Im in love with this thing!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 12 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Good for basic user who only wants internet.

Customer Rating
3.0 out of 5
Posted by: Anonymous
from Virginia Beach
on 01/30/2011
What's great about it: Size, speed, and market assess,
What's not so great: Hardware, Bloatware, and carrier device limiting.
The TAB hardware fails compared to the other products on the market, with only 2 Gig's of internal memory the system is limited. These limits become very obvious when a user wants to load a movie via Micro SD and has to pull the 16 Gig card that now contains much of his program data and the user is left having to put the card back in if they want to look at calendar data that was on the removed card in the middle of thier movie. (Must other products have 8 gigs internal with and external Micro SD for movie and music exchange.
Carrier Version determines devices software look and function.
Currently Galaxy is the only device carried by multiple carriers from its onset the variation in interfaceface between these devices is extreme. Specifically each carrier has placed plenty of bloatware on the machines that can not be removed. Add to that how each carrier has ensured that this device has ZERO phone functionality by disabling the ability of any program that would allow you to conduct VOIP.
With out these functionalities you will be forced to carry 2 devices to meet all your communication needs.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 13 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Love it!

Customer Rating
4.0 out of 5
Posted by: MrMiagi
from Western Mass
on 01/30/2011
I bought the Galaxy Tab the day after Christmas to replace my dead laptop. I haven't put it down since. I got the Verizon Wireless version from Best Buy because it was the cheapest plan out of all of the carriers and there's no contract. You can drop it at any time, but for $20 a month why would you want to?
I've used the iPad before and can really see no difference besides the size...which I prefer the smaller. The camera has limited functionality but what do you expect? Still better than the iPad!
I'm dropping the data plan on my cell phone because my Galaxy Tab goes everywhere with me anyways. It fits right in my purse. There are tons of apps available. I still haven't found one that allows me to chat from my Galaxy to someone on a computer, but I'm sure one will come along eventually. If you're in the market to buy an iPad but don't want to spend an extra $130 and then another $30+ a month for a plan, check out the Galaxy Tab before you buy!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 14 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

well worth the cash.

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Anonymous
on 01/18/2011
So let me start of by saying I am a gadget freak. I have owned iphone,HTC tilts,palm and just about every other gadget on the planet. I traded up from the huiewi (sp) s7 which you can also find reviews on BB. The $200 upgrade is worth every penny. This thing is fast, sleek and portable. You do have to put a month to month plan on it. But if your like me and own a droid x you can just drop the plan after the first month and use.wireless teather right through the droid. The screen is very sharp and clear and the battery is like the enigizer bunny. I have not used the cameras that much so I won't be able to there run down. I use dolphin hd browser and full flash is have verses the ipad or the s7. It will be great when we get gingerbread from Motorola. If and when. But there are many dev,s out there so I am way or another this bad boy will get it. Most apps run full screen. Still a few.that are shrunk down but that's not the galaxys fault. I know there is a wifi only version coming but from what I'm reading the price will be in line with the $499 that we are at right now. Plus its be able to do a month to month if you have to for the 3g
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 15 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)


Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: lalp
from plattsburgh,ny
on 01/15/2011
What's great about it: android
What's not so great: nothing!
android tablet ! awesome abodeflash 7 in .you can get a key borad with it
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 16 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

iPad? Whats that...

Customer Rating
4.0 out of 5
Posted by: beeradg
from Liberty, MO
on 01/14/2011
What's great about it: Fits in your pocket, fast, customizable
What's not so great: Not as many quality apps as iOS but close and rising
Fast, customizable... customizable... oh did I say customizable?
Decent apps, good market support. Extremely light and thin and you can actually fit it in your pocket!!!
Don't buy an iPad.
I would recommend this to a friend!
19out of 25found this review helpful.
Review 17 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

If you don't have one you should get one.

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: frzntoes
on 01/08/2011
I'm writing the review on my new Tab. I've never written a review before but the Tab is so compelling I just had to. I'm a real estate agent and was looking for something to help me be more mobile. This is the magic ticket for me.Swype technology makes it so easy to use the keyboard...and contrary to what another reviewer does have bluetooth.The larger screen makes web browsing a snap...and great for presentations on the go. Love it.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 18 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)


Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Mbills089
from Alexandria, VA
on 12/25/2010
What's great about it: Fast, battery life, smooth OS, storage, screen quality, dual cameras, portable, sleek,
What's not so great: Didn't come with ear-buds, but no big deal.
Being someone who has used an iPad to the fullest extent, I feel that I can unbiased in my saying that this is the better of the 2 winning tablets out there.
The experience on this tablet is absoutely incredible. Its fast, has a bajillion apps, very portable, and the battery NEVER DIES. The screen quality is immaculate, has a ton of storage right off the bat, and works amazingly right out of the box.
In all honesty, I was very reluctant to buy this tablet, with the assumption that it was just going to feel like using a smart phone with android, given that its essentially the same thing. Man, was I wrong. I haven't had such a positive experience using a tablet until I bought this bad boy on Verizon (which has a much better data signal in the DC area than ATT).
Also, I'd like to point out the fact that it can also be used as a 3g Hotspot. Yes, that means producing wifi for up to 5 devices within proximity; what I love about it, is that it doesn't charge me extra just to use this feature, it just counts against my alloted bandwidth for the month (I use 3GB, but haven't even been able to get up to 1.5GB thus far).
A+++++++ product. If you dont wanna jump on the apple bandwagon, and pay for an over priced, over sized ipod touch, get this; you wont be sorry.
I would recommend this to a friend!
100out of 117found this review helpful.
Review 19 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

Amazing and best tablet

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: Matt4542
on 12/25/2010
Being an avid Android fan, and being an Android developer for the rooting crowd i can say this is one of the better devices i have used. The screen size is perfect and every app runs perfect. This is a great device and i recommended it to anyone who is debating about this or another tablet.
I would recommend this to a friend!
28out of 41found this review helpful.
Review 20 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless)

nice tablet buy pretty useless for me

Customer Rating
2.0 out of 5
Posted by: DD2000
from holland mi
on 12/24/2010
What's great about it: screen, touch
What's not so great: no VNC, browser is limited
The browser doesn't see half of my local network - I cannot see the image on my security camera nor read any of my local controllers. My iPhone sees them all fine, my PC sees them fine but the galaxy doesn't see them - I get a mixture of error messages.
Also then there is no VNC application available.
Touch screen is great, picture quality is great very nice looking but it just doesn't work for me.
If all you want is simple picture viewing and videos it is stunningly good, but for me it is a trade in for an IPad (I hate apple but the iPad does what I need)
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
26out of 94found this review helpful.
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