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Customer Reviews for AudioQuest - Rockefeller 10' Speaker Cable (Pair) - Black/Gray/Red

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AudioQuest - Rockefeller 10' Speaker Cable (Pair) - Black/Gray/Red

SKU: 1509977
UPC: 092592090439
Learn moreabout Magnolia PremiumInstallation   These speaker cables feature 10' length for flexible use. Solid 12 AWG PSC+ and PSC conductors provide efficient operation.
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Customer Reviews for AudioQuest - Rockefeller 10' Speaker Cable (Pair) - Black/Gray/Red
Review 1 for AudioQuest - Rockefeller 10' Speaker Cable (Pair) - Black/Gray/Red

like pouring a glass of water with a smile

Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: axadas
from North Carolina, NC
on 10/02/2012
What's great about it: Life is improved
many poeple say that oh my thats expensive... well you get what you pay for. sure i could have bought a $30 cable and plug it in and kinda smiled/frowned, or GO WITH THE BEST DECISION IN MY LIFE and get the AudioQuest - Rockefeller 10' Speaker Cable (Pair) - Black/Gray/Red. this calbe brings in such good sound quality that it will blow your mind!! (or your ear drums) many people dont understand that therte is still a little siasmic radiation flowing through the air from WW2. that actually causes interferance with sound quality. so you speakers and speaker wire are not getting proper pass through do to the simple fact that there is interferance. with with this cable that is no issue! i have a definitive 5.1 sound system hooked up to my insignia reciever, to complement that a pefect picture with my 26" 720i lcd westinghouse tv and let me tell you good sir/person this is worth it. i have never been so happy in my life.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 2 for AudioQuest - Rockefeller 10' Speaker Cable (Pair) - Black/Gray/Red


Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: AhDeeOhFile
on 12/21/2011
What's great about it: They help to keep all external sensory bias away from audiophiles.
What's not so great: You'll have to sell your currency printer to buy them.
Okay, everyone knows that the signal chain is only as good as its weakest link; basic physics. For speaker playback, the main links in this chain are the actual speaker wires, the connectors on the back of the speakers themselves, and more critically, the relatively extremely cheap internal wires that go from the speaker connectors to the speaker's internal crossover network. These wires, sometimes more than a few feet in length, usually cost pennies on the dollar.
But, not to worry any longer! These AudioQuest speaker cables magically BYPASS these internal wires! They are so good, that they force the electrons to physically jump off the cable and land on the inputs of the crossover network, right where those cheap wires connect!!! This way, the signal isn't degraded AT ALL by going through those cheap wires!!! MAGIC!!!!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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almost correct...
Audio and video reproduction is fundamentally a case of damage control. The signal is at its greatest potential … is least damaged … at the source. Great sound and great pictures, music that consumes you, movies that transport you around the universe … all come from honoring the original signal. It’s an unavoidable fact of life that every component and cable in a system causes distortion, changing the overall character of the signal. These aberrations add up, like layers of dirty glass between you and an image you are trying to see. Better cables, and for that matter better components, cannot improve the signals they carry … they can only do less harm to those signals and reduce the amount of noise and distortion introduced into a system, thus improving performance.
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