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Sony - Internet Player with Google TV
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Customer Reviews for Sony - Internet Player with Google TV
No more updates
Customer Rating
1.0 out of 5
Posted by: Laporte
on 05/25/2015
This product is no longer updated. It is now a piece of junk. Sony should give us a credit.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Customer Rating
1.0 out of 5
Posted by: pitbull23
from Reading, PA
on 03/08/2014
I am a very unhappy SONY Google TV Internet Player NSZ-GS7 customer!!
I am marketing professional who is saavy with technology. I'm not a gamer, so I bought the Sony Google TV Internet Player over any gaming device so that I could access the internet and stream content through my tv as your product advertises.
FALSE! The only streaming you can get through this overpriced JUNK machine is basic Netflix and other apps that NOBODY has ever heard of. Where is my HBOGO? Soundcloud? iHeartRadio? Compatibility is TERRIBLE. Is this caveman technology? As a loyal Sony cosnumer, this is a giant let down. You are promoting false advertising by saying there are "thousands of apps" on Google Play and not mentioning that the most popular streaming apps that drive consumers to even think about buying an internet player ARE NOT EVEN AVAILABLE!
Honestly, what does this dust collector actually do that a tv hook up to a computer cannot? What competitive advantage does this product even have over any other internet players out there? I have seen none. I have waited since I bought this P.O.S. last April 2013 to see if anymore apps would be available and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
Terrible product. I hope you can't sleep at night knowing that you have my money and I am left with nothing. I've read similar reviews online after researching for others who are experiencing the same issues to confirm that it is not just me. As a marketing/networking exec, I will make sure this gets internet attention. It is a crime to sell something at the price you are selling it for when my dog could create a better product.
Product FAIL. Money wasted.
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A Solid Performer
Customer Rating
4.0 out of 5
Posted by: Tedd
from NY
on 02/17/2014
For a product way cheaper than a computer, this unit does most things quite well, and much better than other media players on the market. If you want good network performance use the Ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi. Obviously there is room for development, for example compatibility with Skype and VideoLan would be great, but it's a nifty addition to any TV set.
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Not Impressed! Over 2 years and no new apps !
Customer Rating
1.0 out of 5
Posted by: frodoo
from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
on 01/04/2014
I bought this unit over a year ago and have had nothing but problems with it.
Sony & or Google have not made new apps since I bought this NSZ-GS7.
I was under the impression that Sony & Google, had or would have, more apps available for this unit in time but no go so far.
Anyone who buys now in 2014 should know that in over 2 years since this device has come out, there have been no new apps.
Very disappointing!!
The unit needs more processing power and speed and more on board memory.
So many things Sony could have done and didn't. I will not buy Sony again. I am surprised with this joint venture, Google and Sony couldn't have done better.
Don't get sucked in by what the box tells you and way over priced!!!!!
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Customer Rating
2.0 out of 5
Posted by: JVM210
on 07/30/2013
What's great about it: User interface, remote, sleek design
What's not so great: HBO GO doesn't work, FLASH PLAYER DOESNT WORK
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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NSZ-GS7 Horrible Equipment
Customer Rating
1.0 out of 5
Posted by: mrh5
from cambridge, MA
on 05/26/2013
What's great about it: well designed remote and easy to set up and sync with TV and Entertainment Center
What's not so great: continuously loads, freezes up, almost never works with any video
This product is horrendous. I strongly advise individuals to avoid this product. I have high-speed internet connectivity in my house with dual-band high quality wifi. Despite this this unit never works. I have an Apple TV and numerous other devices running and streaming in my house that work just fine, yet this unit never works. It just loads and loads, and loads and then never plays. When it does play it is often without sound. It claims the internet signal is week, but considering every other device in my house and even an apple TV sitting right next to it work just fine seems like nonsense to me. Definitely returning this unit. Don't waste your time with purchasing one.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Use it all the time!
Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5
Posted by: trvcrch83
from Indiana
on 04/30/2013
What's great about it: Remote! Works great with my Sony components and Directv
What's not so great: Easy to turn it off accidentally.
Like I said I use it all the time. I`m using it now for the review. People complain the remote isn`t good for games, but I didn`t but it to play games... That`s why Sony makes the PS3. For the price, compared to some of the others it`s in a class of it`s own! I got this one without the Blu Ray player because I already have one. With this machine I have one remote that will control every component I have. Love it.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Not as good as I had thought
Customer Rating
1.0 out of 5
Posted by: DTK253
from Tacoma WA
on 04/24/2013
What's great about it: Nice remote
What's not so great: lags, drops programs and WI FI signal
Not a day goes by that this unit doesn't lose the wireless signal, lags on programs, freeze ups.. and router is only 20 feet away...
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
Written by a customer while visiting
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